Workshops & Facilitation

When running a workshop, the big thing to keep in mind is that it is not just about delivering on the topic; it is a great opportunity to foster teamwork and get people away from everyday business.

I work with clients as a workshop facilitator to help them to get the most out of their workshops. The preparatory stage involves defining the workshop purpose, outlining the desired objectives and outcomes, compiling the agenda and timelines, and creating templates to capture outputs and fun ice breakers to keep participants energised.

On the day I facilitate the workshops, keeping them on brief while maximising the outputs and ensuring all participants have a voice. Fun is also a key ingredient to generate greater creativity and engagement.

What are the benefits of me facilitating your workshop?

I believe that the knowledge is the room – the answers and solutions lie within the collective intelligence and experience of the team, and I can draw it out.

I guide the process and provide focus and meaningful direction to the conversations. This also ensures that time is well spent and that discussions don’t get stuck. I diffuse heated conversations and harness the energy and emotions into more constructive dialogue.

A facilitated workshop gives better results and outcomes – everyone is given a voice and there is greater consensus in the decisions reached. The team works through the various options so that they own the solution. There is greater self and team accountability for the successful implementation of the plans.

I manage the dynamics of teams and different personalities to ensure a collaborative, supportive environment and a session that fosters greater teamwork and engagement. We always include a fun element to the day to drive engagement levels and enhance relationships.