Organisation Development

Organisation development can sometimes start with an organisational review. Many companies go through an organisational review process to check if they are performing at their best or if they need to change their culture, structure or processes to take advantage of a change opportunity, meet new customer requirements or accreditation requirements. An outside perspective can identify areas for growth and development as well as support the implementation of any proposed changes.

What does the review process involve?

The review is customised to the needs and objectives of the organisation. It typically includes the following components:

Analysis of current state:

  • Review current operational model, structures and processes
  • Conduct culture audits and identify current values and behaviours
  • Carry out job mapping exercises to identify skills and duties overlap and gaps
  • Support research as required

Plan for future growth and change:

  • Sow the seeds for a new culture and support embedding it so it becomes an enabler for future success
  • Staff collaboration on values and behaviours charter
  • Develop an enhanced organisational structure and role updates
  • Implement change management projects/initiatives

What are the benefits of me carrying out an organisational review?

  • Strategic benefits – providing critical insights needed to develop and launch new directions, goals, objectives, and priorities
  • Culture benefits – create a more empowering work culture and motivated employees
  • Resource benefits – enhanced structures and systems to deliver on the organisational goals
  • Catalyst for transformational change in the organisation