What I Do


It is easy to get overwhelmed and confused by the many types of coaching out there – everything from leadership to life, executive, business, career and wellbeing coaching. I would like to share with you the core concept behind all coaching – the empowerment of people by fostering a growth mindset and facilitating self-directed learning and personal performance.


Workshops & Facilitation

Getting all the team together same time can be a major task and you want to ensure you get the most out of the opportunity. It could be for a senior management think tank, strategic planning session, culture workshop, or laying the foundations for a new project or brainstorming session to plan new ways of working together more effectively. I have many years’ experience facilitating workshops of all kinds.



Public training courses can be very good. However, the content is not always relevant to the needs of the organisation/participant. Also, the training concepts and outputs can be difficult to put into practice on return to the organisation. I design and deliver customised training programmes. These can be delivered in person or online. I work in-house to my clients’ schedules, but above all, aligned to their specific goals and challenges.


Organisation Development

Organisation development is a process that helps organisations build their capacity to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing, enhancing and aligning hard and soft structures of their operating model. The hard elements include strategies, structures and processes while the soft elements include the shared values in the organisation, skills, leadership style and staffing.


Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a set of emotional and social skills that collectively establish how well we perceive ourselves, develop and maintain relationships, cope with challenges and use emotional information in an effective and meaningful way. Assessing your emotional intelligence levels will give you the opportunity to identify your overall EI score so as to enhance your performance and wellbeing.


Return to Work Post Maternity Leave Programme

The MotivAction Return to Work After Maternity Leave Support Programme is designed to help employers create a more supportive workplace for working parents. We provide employees with the resources they need to make a smooth and successful transition back to work.



Tailored Solutions

We work in-house or to clients’ schedules, but above all, towards the specific goals of the person and their organisation.

Solutions are tailormade to address the required deliverables of each project.

We also have coaching and training facilities in our offices in Little Island, Cork.


By helping you get from good to great, we:

  • Equip you with the tools, knowledge and opportunities you need to become your “best self” and fully utilise your talent
  • Act as a sounding board to instil greater clarity on what success is for you and identifying the required strategies to deliver on your commitments
  • Connect your passions and purpose in your life and work
  • Identify and resolve pitfalls and self-sabotaging behaviours and limiting beliefs
  • Navigate uncertainty and complexity for your personal and business growth
  • Enhance your business performance, leadership ability and professional brand
  • Develop high potentials in the organisation and/or support the transition of new role holders more quickly and with greater ease
  • Lead your teams to have a “can do/will do” attitude and work ethic in an empowering environment
  • Develop skills, including accountability, greater self-awareness, resilience and enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Build stronger working relationships, enhance influencing skills and harness conflict for better outcomes